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Choose the Wellington florist where every bouquet and arrangement is created fresh to order, using the freshest flowers from local and New Zealand growers

“Hi Sheryl,

Once again a big thank you for the wonderful arrangements you did for me. They were truly outstanding and got so many lovely comments at how original and stunning they were. I loved my bouquet so much that I kept a hold of it most of the evening and still have it on the kitchen bench. Cheers.”

Yvonne and Peter

Your special message expressed in flowers…

Your Wellington florists Sheryl and Nimmi are real florists with real passion working with real flowers. Our passion reflects in the stunning bouquets we create for our customers – florists of the people working in the community.

We are driven not only by our passion for flowers but the expression of emotion that our customers are wanting to portray. What makes us unique is our creativity in designing and expressing our customers’ messages in flowers.

We also work closely with Plimmerton Deli next door to make sending flowers and gifts so easy when looking for that perfect gift. Just metres away from the beach in the charming Plimmerton Village, we feel we are surrounded in a big cosy Plimmerton hug.

When you buy from us you have the comfort of knowing that you’re using highly skilled florists with New Zealand Professional Florist standards qualifications from Senior to Diploma level. Also Interflora certificate holders of nominated florists and approved examiner and judge held by Sheryl.

Pop in if you’re down by the beach to say hi to Sheryl and Nimmi or even just to enjoy the smell of the flowers. We would love to see you.

Read more about Sheryl and Nimmi here.

Wellington Florist

Choosing a Wellington Florist to Help You Make a Statement

When you want to say something special to someone without words, the right Wellington florist can make all the difference. With a professional guide to floral symbolism, you can ensure you pass along a beautiful and well-crafted message, no matter the intended recipient. At Your Wellington Florist, we’re proud to carry on a long legacy of floral traditions, keeping the local flower shop alive.

About the Professional Staff at Your Wellington Florist

What should you know about the Wellington florists who will take and work on your orders? Here are some fast facts about us:

  • When you place an order with Your Wellington Florist, you aren’t receiving an arrangement that comes off the shelf. We are not a clearing-house for orders, pumping out high volume to meet demand. Instead, we handle your order the way it should be — as a unique, individual effort. In other words, there are real florists in Wellington working on your order, considering your preferences and arranging things with care by hand.
  • Our founder and proprietor, Sheryl Watkin, has more than four decades of experience in floristry. As an established Interflora member and an active participant in floral industry events, Sheryl brings a unique touch and a passion for excellent results to every order. With a keen eye for arrangement and a strong desire to allow our customers to send an arrangement that says something special, she’s one of our biggest and best assets in delivering consistent results.
  • We handle all orders exclusively in house, so when there is something special about your order, you can trust we won’t forget it — or you, for that matter! We love to help repeat customers with all their floral needs, from sending a special birthday wish to commemorating anniversaries, weddings, and even sharing flowers for the holidays. Whatever you want to say with flowers, our team helps you make it happen.

We love serving our community, and we look forward to making your acquaintance, too.

Creative Ways to Use Flower Delivery in Wellington, NZ

Our delivery service is prompt and easy to use. What are some of the things you might use flower delivery to do? A few of our favourite ideas:

  • Surprise your loved one at the office on a special day with flowers in Wellington. Showing up to work every day isn’t always the most fun thing in the world but arriving to realise that flowers await you can make any day better. We’re happy to ensure that your order arrives at almost any point during the workday you choose for the maximum impact.
  • Send a unique arrangement of Wellington flowers “just because” and surprise your recipient at home. See some of what we can do online, and then think about how to use our skills to give a friend or loved one an unexpected gift.
  • Delight your child with a small arrangement sent to their school. Whether Valentine’s Day is on the horizon or you just want to congratulate them for a job well done, a small arrangement to bring home at the end of the day lets you know you’re thinking about them.
  • Use our delivery service to send flowers to unexpected places, because there’s hardly ever a poor time to express emotions with floral arrangements. From a “thank you” after a difficult task to a “congratulations!” for reaching an important milestone in life, there’s no shortage of ways to send a thoughtful gift along.

Why Should You Buy from Your Wellington Florist?

Our experience and friendly demeanour as a florist in Wellington, NZ allow our service to stand out, but there are other reasons to bring your business here, too:

  • We have a keen understanding of the symbolism that lies behind flowers, and we know how to weave that symbolism into an arrangement that inspires the emotions you’d like your recipient to feel. Not sure what kind of choices you should make about the flowers in an arrangement? Our friendly florists are happy to help demystify the process for you, making helpful suggestions that result in beautiful arrangements.
  • We have a wide variety of gifts and accessories that you can include with your flowers, from stuffed animals to chocolates. When you want to make an extra special impression on your recipient, including a little something extra is an easy way to put a smile on their face.
  • Our local roots and deep love of all things Kiwiana mean that we’re able to produce arrangements that reflect regional character. Know someone who loves the beach, the waters, and the smell of the salty air? We’re adept at crafting arrangements that inspire thoughts of these things — ask us how.

From a simple bouquet of roses to an over-the-top arrangement, we always aim to satisfy.

About Your Wellington Florist

A trusted local option for flowers in Wellington NZ many years, Your Wellington Florist is happy to welcome you to our premises for a discussion about how to create the perfect arrangement. We’re also very skilled in providing flowers for weddings, memorials, and other important occasions. To place an order with us today or to find out more, please contact us.